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Thousands of hospitals rely on the Valify Marketplace to find, evaluate, and select qualified healthcare vendors


Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and health systems, GPOs, consultants, associations, and collaboratives, use the Valify Marketplace to save time and money by quickly identifying the most appropriate product or service vendor for their organization.

How the Valify Marketplace works

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Display Advertising Opportunities


Professional Profile is included with all display ad bookings


TOP LEADERBOARD   970px x 90px 

As the premier position, the Top Leaderboard rotates across the top of every page promoting your message directly in front of the hospital decision makers every day. (limited availability) Annual cost: $4,999


BILLBOARD   970px x 250px 

The Billboard is prime real-estate and features a large format banner that rotates on the homepage. (limited availability) Annual cost: $4,500


BOX AD  300px x 250px 

Promote your message directly in front of the hospital decision-makers with a Box Ad that rotates on every page. (limited availability) Annual cost: $4,500



Gain the attention of hospital decision-makers with a giant leaderboard that rotates across the bottom of every page. (limited availability) Annual cost: $4,500


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Promote Your Company with a Professional Profile to Win New Hospital Business

What's Included:

  • Company description 
  • Contact information
  • Unlimited media uploads (photos, videos, & more)
  • Stand out as a  "promoted vendor"
  • Show up at the top of search results
  • Keyword package

Annual cost: $750

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